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Study Plan - CCNP Route

·2 mins

At the moment I am in the process of reading the Foundation Learning Guide by Diane Teare from cover to cover. When I first started my CCNP studies I purchased the BSCI (the precursor to the ROUTE exam) exam certification guide.

If I could offer one piece of useful advice it would be to get the FLG instead of the cert guide and the FLG is a lot easier to read and covers more of the information you need to know. There is one person out there that covered the ROUTE exam cert guide from cover to cover and then took the exam only to find that there were big parts that were missing from the guide, when he later used teh FLG it covered said points and he passed ok.

Well anyway, side track over! At the moment I am planning on taking the ROUTE exam in just over 2 weeks as long as I don’t hit a massive brick wall in my studies. If I do fail the exam (and ofcourse I’m hoping I don’t) then I will look into purchasing a subscription to the newly released CBT Nuggets for the ROUTE exam, they are not exactly cheap at $199 for a month but I know that the nuggets combined with the FLG will make me ready for any questions the exam can throw at me.