CCNP ROUTE… passed…

Well after last week’s failure I thought the best thing to do would be to just get right back on it, well this morning I retook the ROUTE exam and passed.

The sections that I failed in last time I got >80% this time which is a relief!

So starting tonight I am starting my SWITCH studies and hopefully if I can get on a roll then I will be able to take that within the next few weeks? 🙂

Thanks for all the messages of encouragement and I will post on here regularly with my progress on the SWITCH exam 🙂

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Better luck next time…

Yesterday I took the ROUTE (642-902) exam, and yesterday I failed that very same exam. I failed the exam by a meagre 45 points which just helps to add insult to the injury.

All in all I was very happy with the new way that Cisco have decided to do the exams and the new simulation questions are definitely a LOT more realistic than the old ones.

The area’s that I let myself down on most were the area’s that I felt weakest in, IPv6 deployment (and more specifically transition) and remote workers/office.

I am planning on re-taking the exam again next Thursday which is the first day that I am allowed to re-take it because of the cooling off period.

Now back to the books….

The time has come…

Well tomorrow I am taking the plunge and taking my ROUTE (642-902) exam.

I began to suffer from ‘keep-pushing-it-back’ syndrome where I kept saying to myself that I would do it next week, then the same would happen the week after etc etc.

I just have a few final points to go over and hopefully the different LSA-types will finally stick, I always manage to forget which way around they are, if anyone happens to have an easy way to remember them then let me know! 😛

Well I will post tomorrow with the big news, until then have a good day 🙂

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CCNP Progress…

Well its been over a week since my last post and I’m still knuckling down for my CCNP, I am looking at taking the ROUTE exam hopefully next week and then I can start the SWITCH studies.

Over the last week as well I have been dabbling in some MPLS studies, I know it is not at all needed for the CCNP but I deal with MPLS VPN’s all day at work and so it was good to see how they actually work in a PE/CE setup.

If you are looking for any labs for the MPLS studies or anything else really please check out as it has lots of really great labs to do, from beginner level right up to CCIE style labs.