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CCNP TSHOOT Complete… CCNP done!

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Well I know it was only a week ago that I did the SWITCH but after initially looking over the TSHOOT material I started to think that this was definitely going to be the easiest of the three certifications.

In my day-job I do a lot of troubleshooting so my kind of mindset for the exam was already partially there, that coupled with the fact that it has been less than 6-months since I have done my ROUTE and SWITCH means that a lot of the things you learned whilst learning those technologies are still in place.

As the old saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked and I will be starting to head towards my next certification straight away. I am of two mindsets on which to do, CCIP or CCIE R&S. I will probably go for the CCIP as I think the technologies in that certification contribute a lot to the CCIE (tech such as MPLS, QoS, BGP etc.) so could kill two birds with one brick (what is it with me and old sayings today?…)

I am going to start the studies with QoS and hope to post a more technical series of posts on this subject over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to all of those out there that supported me through the CCNP.