Sun Quad NICs and x86_64 kernels

After the last post when I had built up and installed my new Dynamips server along with a set of Sun Quad NIC cards (501-4366, HME or Happy Meal as they are also known) I started to run into some issues.

After building a simple topology with one router connected to my 3550 I was seeing each device in the others CDP table which was good. It wasn’t until today when I was trying to lab something up where two routers connected via that external 3550 (using 2 ports on the quad NIC) would not form a neighbourship, everything was checked and sure enough they couldn’t even ping each other.

I checked the ARP table and there were entries and they were all correct and when I ran a set of debugs between the routers the packets were arriving however there was something wrong with the packets as the router was simply dropping them. Continue reading

Dynamips server reporting for duty…

Back when I first starting studying for my CCNP I built a rack of equipment to lab things up and practice with (picture below) and after completing my CCNP and moving down the CCIE track (after stopping off for a pit-stop at the CCIP station….) I quickly realised that the rack wasn’t adequate for what I would be needing.

Old Rack

There were two options, spend a stupid amount of money and replace the lab with one equal to that of the INE/IPX racks (2811’s, 3745’s etc.) or just scrap most of the rack and go virtual (not to the cloud though…) with a Dynamips/Dynagen server, needless to say I went for the latter 😛

Last month I took the plunge and took a trip down to CCL to pick up the parts for the new server and got to work on sourcing some quad NIC’s

All I need now is to upgrade my L2 section of my rack and I will be ready to take on the INE/IPX labs (whichever I choose to go down), to do that I will need another 3550 and two 3560’s

I will post up some more snippets soon on my setup (and some new pictures to go with it!)

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