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Dynamips server reporting for duty…

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Back when I first starting studying for my CCNP I built a rack of equipment to lab things up and practice with (picture below) and after completing my CCNP and moving down the CCIE track (after stopping off for a pit-stop at the CCIP station….) I quickly realised that the rack wasn’t adequate for what I would be needing.


There were two options, spend a stupid amount of money and replace the lab with one equal to that of the INE/IPX racks (2811’s, 3745’s etc.) or just scrap most of the rack and go virtual (not to the cloud though…) with a Dynamips/Dynagen server, needless to say I went for the latter 😛

Last month I took the plunge and took a trip down to CCL to pick up the parts for the new server and got to work on sourcing some quad NIC’s

All I need now is to upgrade my L2 section of my rack and I will be ready to take on the INE/IPX labs (whichever I choose to go down), to do that I will need another 3550 and two 3560’s

I will post up some more snippets soon on my setup (and some new pictures to go with it!)