New domain and blog title…

Up until now I’ve been hosting this blog under my main website of but I have today made the decision to split this blog onto it’s own domain;

I’ve decided to do this because is mainly for displaying my photography work and is a little too personal.

For the time being there is a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one so all feeds (in theory) should be updated and redirected but just in-case it may be worth re-subscribing under the new URL.

If you notice any bugs on the site please let me know.



FRTS Fun?. (Frame Relay Traffic Shaping)

Over the past week or so I have been going over FRTS for my CCIE studies.

It’s something that I have covered before when studying for my QoS exam and skimmed over when studying for my ROUTE exam but up until now it has never actually stuck.

As others on Twitter have suggested maybe it’s because FRTS is an old technology and not really used anymore, that may be the case but I still remember all the intricacies of frame-relay and those have no problem staying in.

In this post I just thought I would go over the basics of FRTS, how to implement it and the various show commands to help you along the way.

There are several methods of applying FRTS, there is:

  • FRTS in map-class using the traffic-rate command
  • FRTS in map-class using the frame-relay shaping commands
  • FRTS in the MQC

When you apply FRTS there are several points to consider, a few of the most important ones are below:

  • You can only use it on frame relay interfaces (this really goes without saying)
  • FRTS is applied to each PVC on an interface individually
  • You cannot use any other queueing methods on the physical interface alongside FRTS

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