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INE Vol1 - Bridging and switching - done

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Before christmas I started my way through the INE Vol1 advanced tech labs and got through the first couple of books, I think I was at RIP.

Unfortunately because of a temporary resource issue with the CCIE rack I have use of combined with christmas, work being hectic due to a new DC rollout and my January holiday over to the USA the studies got put to one side.

Since then I’ve moved out from my parents house (yes, get all the living with your parents jokes out of the way now) into my own place. It’s take a few weeks to get settled but its starting to feel a little more like home now.

Last week (Friday) I started the INE labs over from scratch, whilst I probably could have gotten away with starting where I left off I didn’t want to and I wasn’t really that far through anyway.

Being in a place of my own is actually pretty conducive to studying as there are only distractions that you create which is always a good thing.

Back to topic and the B&S Vol1 book was pretty good and the only things I had to look up was PPPoE, mainly just for a CLI refresher though.

Next up is Frame Relay which I hope to get out of the way by Wednesday and then its on to Routing.

I’m hoping to put in a couple of hours every night, or if I miss a night then I will double up on another etc.

Anyway? back to the studies.

David Rothera
David Rothera
Network Engineer working in 🇮🇪

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