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CCIE Lab… round two!

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Well my seat and travel etc is all booked for my second attempt at the R&S lab.

I’ll be sitting the exam at the start of January (7th Jan) as this was the soonest seat they had (I checked on the Monday after my first attempt). I had wanted to try and get in there a little sooner as I felt I was ready but it seems that the whole of December was blocked solid!

This time around I will do much of the same yet more, I will be using the INE TS labs (hopefully more will be coming out soon), reading RFC’s, labbing things out and maybe some more the INE Vol1 labs as well.

My main weakness on my first attempt was not so much the core subjects which are covered in the Vol3 labs but more the periphery subjects that perhaps you don’t use all that much such as DHCP security (an example, not breaking NDA) or crash dumps. I will be focusing more on things like this for my next attempt to try and make sure I have a good rounded knowledge.