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Third time not so lucky…

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I’ve been quiet on here since my last attempt but yesterday I once again made the trip to the Lab in Brussels…. and once again have come back empty handed.

Unlike my first two attempts I felt secure with this attempt, my troubleshooting went well and all tickets were completed and the configuration was sailed through with more than enough time to triple check everything and even reboot all the kit and check it again.

Someone said before that you never really fail until you give up but this time feels like a failure, where as before I have come away saying “I did ok but….” there was no such thing this time, if I were to do the same exam today I would do exactly the same.

I need to sit down and work out how I can improve on the results and tighten the areas where according to the score report I am weak as I felt that these areas were among my strengths not my weaknesses.

Perhaps more downtime is needed to study, perhaps I need to start again from the bottom up I don’t know….