Who said re-reads are useless?

As a follow up to my last post here on my CCIE lab failure… or so I thought.

Those of you who have read through the post will remember that I couldn’t really see where I had gone wrong, if you would have put me in the same exam again I would end up doing the exact same thing again and this kind of bummed me out and made me doubt myself!

When I got my score report and saw that I scored a 43% on Layer2 I thought something fishy was going on, I was adamant that I had done well (if not 100%) on that section and couldnt remember any questions that were over ambiguous.

On the back of this I decided to take the re-read option but tell nobody apart from family that I was doing it, this was to save the feeling of failing twice should the report come back with no changes.

A little under 2 weeks later my score report disappeared, where it had previously said “FAIL” it now simply said “-” which was the same as when you havent received any results at all. This was different to my second attempt where I also got a re-read but that time I just got an email saying no change and that was the end of it.

So queue a weekend of refreshing relentlessly on the site to see anything change, it was like doing the exam all over again, I looked online and found a couple of people where the same thing happened and their results went to a PASS, this really got my hear beating!

Roll on Monday and still nothing, by this point I start feeling like its going to be negative, but it was still at the back of my mind and I kept refreshing every hour or so.

I woke up this morning to an email from certification support….

I couldn’t believe it! I jumped out of bed and logged onto the CCIE portal and there it was #38338 staring me in the face!

I still can’t really believe it now, its still sinking in!

15 thoughts on “Who said re-reads are useless?

  1. I’ve just put in a re-read request for my exam. I allegedly failed on troubleshooting (68%) which by my maths means one failed 3 pointer and 2 2-pointers. I was convinced when I finished that only the one 3 pointer I didn’t solve was the problem, every other output worked no problem. Did you also fail the TS section?

    • On my second attempt I failed the TS and I got 73% which added up to two 3-point questions, I asked for a re-read but I knew that I had missed one of the tickets but the other I wasn’t sure about.

      I got the re-read back but there was no change, with yours did you think you had answered them all within the restrictions or are you just hoping?

      • I definitely answered them all – the only thing it could be would be whether it is in the restrictions or not. I was confident that I had found the correct fault – I suppose it is then up to interpretation whether the change I made was within restrictions or not. For example, in a multifaceted operation like PBR or COPP, with a wrong action entry in it, it might be considered correct to change the statements that match it, or the action that actions it… who knows! I would think both are correct? My hope is that whoever takes a look into my re-read takes this sort of consideration into mind!

        I am on holiday for the next 3 weeks so it makes sense to give the re-read a shot, as I wouldn’t have been booking another attempt until after.

        • Jamie,

          I’m in the same boat. I got my results today and I passed config and failed TS (68%) like you did. I swear i solved nine of the tickets without breaking the restrictions. I never removed any configuration, just changed (ex. a deny to a permit). The one ticket that I couldn’t solve was a 3 point’er, but I was 100% sure those other nine tickets were solved…(even double checked before time ran out). I’m curious to know what were the results of your re-read? I’m considering doing the same…..please give me your feedback. Thanks!

          • I highly doubt Jamie will still be checking on this post for follow up comments, you might want to head over to his site at gettheguru.co.uk and drop him an email.

          • I’m actually still subscribing 😛

            Quip – my honest opinion would be don’t go for the re-read. It made no difference for me – I don’t think they actually run up the troubleshooting the same way as they do for a lab re-read where a proctor would spend a long time looking at outputs and configuration methods.

            I think I actually ended up paying for a proctor to re-read my passing configuration section!

            Next attempt for me is June 11th… 3rd time lucky!

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  3. Hey David, I am in a similar situation with passing the TS but config had strange values after triple checking my work with ping tests, traceroutes config scannings and show commands.

    Where any other areas impacted by your layer 2 score???

    My breakdown was

    Layer 2 Technologies 48% Layer 3 Technologies 68% IP Multicast 100% Advanced Services 55% Optimize the Network 100%

    I do remember leaving a few BGP debugs running on R2 but nothing else.

    Not really understanding how I got so low on those sections but sections that depend on layer 2 and 3 have 100%.

    I sent it in for a reread just for peace of mind. The wait is nerve wrecking Hopefully I get similar results because I hate getting something wrong and not knowing what was really wrong.

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