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Time to put my SP hat on

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Well I’ve decided to take on the CCIE SP next.

Given that there is a lot of overlap between the two tracks and that I use a lot of the technology (multicast aside) in my day job it should be quite good.

I’ve started as I did with the R&S by going through the INE ATC videos and have been going over IS-IS tonight, it’s something that is new to me as by the time I did the CCNP it had been removed so its my first time on the subject and compared to OSPF it seems pretty similar however (not surprising seen as they were developed at pretty much the same time and both using SPF) at the same time a bit easier.

I might try and get an IS-IS post up tomorrow just to cover off some things and so anyone can point any glaring holes in my logic 😛

David Rothera
David Rothera
Network Engineer working in 🇮🇪

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