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SP Study Material - Routing Bits

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So most if not all RS candidates have at least heard if not used Ruhann’s routing bits handbook.

I used it whilst studying during R&S and am so happy that Ruhann has released a companion version for the SP track.

Up until now he has hinted at its release but nothing has come out until today, if you head over to his blog here you can download a free sample of the upcoming SP handbook for free.

Although it is geared towards candidates that are going for their CCIE I also find it useful to be able to grab a subject and look up config examples, one handy feature as well is that he lists the exact DocCD location of every feature as well so if you ever need to know where SPD or CBAC is located you can just check the relevant section on the handbook.

David Rothera
David Rothera
Network Engineer working in 🇮🇪

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