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Moving on

·2 mins
Well since getting the result of my 3rd lab attempt (FAIL for those that haven’t already seen) I’ve spent the rest of the week getting on with my normal day-to-day but also considering where did I go wrong?


CCIE Study update (May 15)

·2 mins
Over the past couple of days I have reviewed the remainder of the INE Advanced Technology videos that I felt that I needed to brush up on.

CCIE Distractions

·2 mins
Back when I passed my CCIE written last year I had the momentum behind me and felt that I would be able to study for and take my first attempt at the lab in only a few months.

Tumble-weed post

·1 min
Sorry for it being a bit quiet over here since the new year, I had a few weeks of on vacation in Disney in Florida and then shortly followed by me moving house so things have been a little hectic to say the least.


Status: All systems are go…

·1 min
Things have been pretty hectic over the last few weeks/month and so I haven’t had much dedicated study time, sometimes only managing a few pages of the CCIE Cert Guide per day.

CCIP done…. CCIE here I come!

·2 mins
I have been a little quiet on the blogging front for a while, the reason being I have recently taken on some more responsibilities at work and have also decided to knuckle down and finish my CCIP.