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Script - Applescript for connecting to terminal server (Cisco)

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Whilst I have been studying for my CCIE I have been lucky enough to have access to a rack of equipment at my workplace which pretty much (apart from some different WIC’s etc) matches the INE topology.

When I started out I used to manually connect to each device using its rotary port number from the terminal server but this soon got pretty old!

I use iTerm for all my terminal needs on OSX (if you haven’t got it then give it a try) and decided to look into whether it would be possible to automate all of the connecting to the lab devices.

What I have cobbled together is a script that will launch iTerm and then telnet into each of the 10 devices whilst also naming the tabs according to the device name.

The script itself is pretty simple and if you think it would help you out then I have uploaded it here.