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Status: All systems are go…

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Things have been pretty hectic over the last few weeks/month and so I haven’t had much dedicated study time, sometimes only managing a few pages of the CCIE Cert Guide per day.

I know I kind of dropped the ball and that this kind of thing won’t stand when I’m heading for my lab attempt but I fully intend to really knuckle down once the written is out the way.

I have just finished the Multicast chapter in the cert guide and am now part way through the security chapter. Once I’ve completed the cert guide I’m going to run through the Cisco press quick reference guides and also hit up some of the INE ATC videos for any weak subjects.

Hopefully I will get some of the draft posts that I have partially written completed and put out over the coming weeks but I still haven’t picked up a style that feels natural and whenever I re-read one of my articles it just comes across as being a little bare/scarce with the details, as always feedback is more than welcome on anything I’m doing right/wrong.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day! — David