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CCIE Written done… now the work starts!

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Well all that studying seems to have payed off a little, today I sat the CCIE R&S Written exam (350-001) and passed it!

Without going into any NDA-breaking territory the exam was actually pretty easy, partially caused I think by studying some topics at a much deeper level than I perhaps needed.

During my time studying for the written exam I mainly used the Cisco Press CCIE R&S OCG but also used the INE Adv Technologies videos for some of the topics that I felt I needed more details on.

At the moment I can’t decide whether to take a weekend off studying or whether to dive straight into the lab studies.

Doing what I do best I am setting myself a goal to have the lab ready for April ’12. Given my past record with meeting cert deadlines I’m guessing this might get pushed back, but not by too much hopefully.

Going forward from here I am going to try and stick to (more in content than time) the INE study plan as it seems pretty reasonable and I could do with some kind of structured plan, why create your own when someone has already gone to the trouble for you?