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Deadly silence

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Well it has been a while since I posted on here, I am still heading towards my CCNP and am studying for the SWITCH exam as we speak.

I can certainly say that from the point-of-view of studying that the SWITCH exam appears to be the easier of the two so far however I haven’t sat the exam yet so I could fail miserably!

I know that I haven’t even passed the CCNP yet but I am already thinking about where to go next. I think that I am going to head toward the CCIP which would require 2/3 exams (QOS, BGP/MPLS) as these are technologies that we use all the time at work and where I am quite comfortable with them at a basic level it never hurts to get some extra knowledge and skills does it.

At the moment I am intending to take the SWITCH exam hopefully my the middle of November and then depending on how the TSHOOT studies go then maybe that by the middle of December, leaving me to start a new cert with the new year 🙂