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SWITCH - Passed

·2 mins

Well I am a little behind schedule (I said that I wanted to complete SWITCH by mid November) but hey at least I got it done in the right year (just!)

I took the CCNP SWITCH exam earlier today and passed by a decent amount, it was the first time I attempted the exam so that pleased me (and my wallet) as it took me a couple of times to pass the ROUTE exam.

At the moment I am intending to dive straight in and not take a break before the TSHOOT studies begin (actually I’ve already started).

I can foresee the TSHOOT being the easiest of the bunch as one of my main job duties in my day job is troubleshooting so tracing a problem through the various hops isn’t anything new to me (however having to traverse every single routing/transport protocol along the way is!).

If I was to be over-enthusiastic I would say that I will have the TSHOOT (and in turn the CCNP) in the bag within the month (as I have 12 days off as of next Tuesday :D) but failing that I am aiming at the middle of January.

Once that is complete then it is time to start toward the CCIP 🙂

Thanks for all the support along the way so far, it really helps.

Until then…. TTFN (ta ta for now for all you non Brits :P)