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INE Bootcamp complete…

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Last Friday I finished the 10-day R&S bootcamp from the guys over at INE and I just though that I would post a few words about the overall experience.

If anyone is considering whether to go on the course then I can not recommend it enough and no matter what skill level you are at then there is always going to be something to learn from it.

Every student on the course gets access to their own rack for the 2 weeks, these are a number of new racks from INE that are setup using the Cisco 360 topology and this is then in turn used by the instructor for the 2 weeks.

One of the good points about the class is that none of it is done using powerpoint or is pre-recorded, it is all live and this in itself is good as it means you will run into problems and have to see the instructor run through troubleshooting them live which is always handy!

The ‘homework’ tasks that are given out can be useful as they help to cement what you have learned that day whilst also being slightly different to what you will have done in class so it is not just like regurgitating what you have seen the instructor do in the class itself.

There are several technologies/subjects that I feel the course is worth it for alone, those being multicast, redistribution and PfR/OER as those were mine (and a lot of the other candidates) weaker subjects.

Now that the course is over and done with I am going to start on the Vol3 and Vol4 labs from INE and then get the lab booked for the middle of October.

Over the 2 weeks I met some really awesome guys; Daniel (@danieldibswe), Gian Paolo (@gp_ifconfig), Jose (@joseleitao), Susana (@scontreraf), Steve, Harald and of course our fearless leader and instructor Brian (@ccie2210).

Jose managed to get a picture of the group on the last day, I’m the one in the bright blue t-shirt over to the far left.

INE Bootcamp