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CCIE R&S Lab… point of no return!

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Well today I got the confirmation through from Cisco that my lab attempt has been paid for and therefore there is no turning back now!

Once you are within 90-days of your lab exam there are no changes or cancellations allowed which can seem a little extreme but I think it is more because of the fact that there are very limited amount of seats available.

For those interested I will be taking the lab exam in Brussels on the 8th November, I had considered keeping the attempt quiet but I have never been one to do this and don’t think it adds any additional pressure.

Initially I was wanting to take the lab in the middle of this month however after spending a couple of weeks in Florida without so much as touching a book / RFC I thought it would be better to push it back a couple of weeks.

I’m feeling ok about the exam however being that it is my first attempt I know there is a large amount of the pressure that is related to the exam environment / type of question itself but we will see…